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NEWSLETTER November 2019

Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Nov 2019: Off-Payroll guide: A timeline for agencies and hirers to achieve compliance

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Nov 2019 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. The house of cards that is Off-Payroll is starting to come tumbling down for HMRC. They are losing court cases, publishing terrible guidance, and their beta enhanced version of CEST is being lambasted in behind doors trials. The original version resulted in NHS Digital being landed with a £4.3m tax bill. But, the show will go on says Treasury, despite calls for a one year delay.


Off-Payroll guide: A timeline for agencies and hirers to achieve compliance

The Off-Payroll rules may not be implemented until April 2020, but hiring firms and recruitment agencies need to begin preparations now. Find out why.


10 ways HMRC can win back trust in CEST

HMRC has a long way to go to instil confidence in CEST. Here are 10 steps the contract sector believes HMRC should take to fix its flawed tool.


Off-Payroll: 'assignment rates' pose problems for contractors, agencies and clients

Contractors subject to the Off-Payroll rules should be aware of 'assignment rates', the quoting of which also poses risks for agencies and umbrellas.


Off-Payroll: HMRC's guidance versus the facts

ContractorCalculator examines HMRC recent Off-Payroll guidance, exposing its confusing, contentious and often contradictory advice.


Christa Ackroyd IR35 ruling unchanged after appeal to Upper Tribunal

The Upper Tribunal has rejected an appeal from television presenter Christa Ackroyd against the IR35 tribunal ruling that emerged in February 2018.


HMRC's claims to offer effective amnesty to contractors cannot be trusted

HMRC's promise to only use information gained from the Off-Payroll rules prospectively are to be treated “with caution and scepticism”, warn experts.


NHS Digital hit with £4.3m tax bill after reliance on faulty CEST

NHS Digital has been hit with a £4.3m tax bill after HMRC challenged a number of status assessments carried out using its own tool.


IT consultant wins latest IR35 case against HMRC and "army of lawyers"

An IT consultant and his small defence team have defeated HMRC and an “army of lawyers' in an IR35 tribunal case which hinged largely on mutuality of obligation.


Television presenter Helen Fospero defeats HMRC at IR35 tax tribunal

Television presenter Helen Fospero has overcome HMRC in an IR35 tribunal judgment which bore resemblance to the recent Kaye Adams case.

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Event What is an IR35 Status Determination Statement (SDS)?

Learn what an IR35 Status Determination Statement is, why contractor clients will soon need to provide them, and why reasonable care is so important.

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Business urges delay to tax changes affecting temporary workers

FT - Wed 30 Oct 2019

ATT calls for clarity on off-payroll changes

AccountancyAge - Mon 30 Sep 2019

HMRC under fire over 'scaremongering' IR35 clampdown letters targeting GSK IT contractors

Computer Weekly - Wed 28 Aug 2019

HMRC defends off-payroll rules guidance against "woeful" IPSE jibes

Computer Weekly - Fri 23 Aug 2019


IT contractor wins IR35 case against HMRC

An IT contractor has won an IR35 case against HM Revenue & Customs, proving his status as a contractor outside the IR35 legislation.

The Register

IT contractor has £240k bill torn up after IR35 win against UK taxman

IT contractor Richard Alcock has won an appeal against HMRC after the UK taxman said he owed more than £200,000 in national insurance contributions (NICs) and income tax under off-payroll rules.

Computer Weekly

IR35 tribunal rules HMRC wrong to pursue ex-DWP IT contractor for £240,000 in unpaid employment tax

HMRC was wrong to pursue an IT contractor for unpaid employment taxes totalling more than £240,000, an IR35 tribunal has ruled.


IT contractor wins £240k IR35 appeal

HMRC has lost its latest legal challenge on the operation of the off-payroll rules, after a First Tier Tribunal (FTT) found in favour of an IT contractor


'How I fought HMRC over a £250k tax bill and won'

A contractor has saved himself from a quarter of a million pound tax bill, following a drawn-out court battle with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Contractor Weekly

Contractor defeats taxman in £240k IR35 case

HMRC suffers blow as contractor successfully appeals IR35 ruling.

City AM

What is IR35? Everything you need to know about the tax coming to the private sector

After rolling out into the public sector in April 2017, HMRC's controversial IR35 tax is set to hit private sector contractors in 2020.

FT Adviser

HMRC loses another contractor tax case.

TV presenter Helen Fospero has won her case against HM Revenue & Customs, escaping a tax charge of £80,000 under IR35 legislation.

Staffing Industry News

UK – TV presenter wins £80k IR35 Tribunal

ITV presenter Helen Fospero has won her case against HMRC in an IR35 Tribunal carrying a £80,000 tax liability.

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